Friday, December 29, 2006

Massive Update (with unnecessary sensationalising)

So, I've been at work for the last three (3) days and I've achieved many things:

(a) Thought about a small, tiny person covered in hair with a tail that I would like to cuddle.

(b) Watched a dude of drunk be nice to an 80 year old lady at the traffic lights <-- didn't wait around to see if he scored.

(c) Ate a protein, a fish and a dead cucumber.

(d) Stared at a windows both old fashioned and technological.

(e) Yours is the only version of my diversion that I could ever subscribe to, etc.

(f) Got another haircut, hair is such a stupid.

(g) Banished 'coins' and 'currency' from my vocab/country.

(h) Put the words 'necrophilia party lolz' in a friend's wedding vows.

(i) Became Learned of Dance Moves from Fergie.

That's it.
You can see that no keywords such as 'work' or 'worked like a muthafreakin hoe(tm)' were a feature presentation and so now I am simultaneously bored and PACKING IT.

Why, oh why, did I do no works and now have heaps of works to do and will have all sorts of peeps/corporate directors saying 'Whoa! Freakin'! Show us your presents/spreadsheets' and I will have to start a veritible avalanche of excuses with 'I need a hero, where have all the good men gone?'.

Please advise.

Lunch with Adam

Adam: So, Tracey, cute little Asian girl who is almost too nice and lovely, do you have any new years resolutions?
Tracey: Not really, I do want to lose some weight and get a promotion, I want to build a house and really improve my knowledge about my job. I'd like to become a much better dancer and eat a lot more healthier and ....
Adam: Whoa! Whoa! I didn't ask for a whole page. How about you Brian, Tracey's friend who I only just met right now at lunch?
Brian: Ahhh, you know, the usual, getting fit and stuff.
Tracey: Do you have any New Years resolutions Adam?
Adam: No, to have a resolution means that you admit that you have areas that need improving...
Tracey: Oh, and so you're perfect?
Adam: Not just me, boys in general tend ....
Tracey: Boys aren't perfect, in fact, you listen but you don't really hear what I'm saying, you can tell by your responses.
Adam: Wait, are you talking about me or Brian?
Tracey: Brian. You know, I often feel that on the phone you just go 'uh huh', 'yep'.

Information Office, she's serious, what's going on here?

Captain, I think I noticed earlier that when he was saying something, he may have lent over and touched her leg, they might be a couple.

Brian: But I thought I was a good listener...
Tracey: You listen, but you aren't really thinking about what I'm saying.

Captain, he's going red, he looks stunned, should we help a brother out?

Information Officer, it's a tricky one, we've never met him before, she's our friend and clearly feels strongly enough about it to sideswipe him in public like this.

Adam: I think I know what she's trying to say, sometimes I reckon Cara is actually listening to the radio when I'm telling a hilarious story...
Tracey: Yeah, your responses don't seem like you're thinking about it.
Brian: I guess it's good to know areas I can improve...
Tracey: Well, I haven't told you this before.


Captain, he really looks upset, should we just sprint and dive over the balcony and away to freedom? We've already paid for our food.

Sir, legs are ready for action, sir.

Brian: But, I've been told I'm a good listener.
Tracey: You are a good listener, but you don't really think about what I'm saying...

Information Officer, do something.

Adam: Well, I'm glad I brought this up, how about that sporting team?
Brian: Yeah, very glad. {MURDEROUS GLINT IN EYE}

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Jury on Juicin'

A while ago, I went to a natrapath to combat this RSI thing and she gave me a whole bagload of life changes.

One of them was to drink beetroot, carrot, celery, apple, pear, ginger and lemon juice at least 4 times a week which I've been doing without fail for months and months.

At home in Melbourne we live near the beach where the soil is crazy sandy and she's wanted to plant some plants to make the back and front yard lovely. Pffft, in my day, rockstars were all about the music. To help her out, I made up a compost/worm farm thing to improve the soil. The worm sellerer mentioned that worms love to have their food mashed and cut up to aid the 'yo, break it down' process.

For my juicey needs I've been going to a little place, I way totally don't deal with franchises taking over the world, and noticed that the mashed fruit and vegetable pulp was going into a bin under the juicers.

Conversationaling with the owner, I mentioned that the waste would all be ideal for worms and enriching soil but the dude mentioned that they haven't found anyone interested so they just chuck it out.

Doing a bit of research (read: not working at work) I found that not only do these places just chuck out all the mashed vegetable bits but Boost Juices and another big franchise use cups that take, like, 500 years to break down.

Crap. Freakin'. Dammit.

We've beaten up McDonalds but forgotten to slap around the places that seem healthy. Damn them and their calming natural colour schemes. If you think about how many cups they sell each day in each city it's a bit hardcore.

'Any messages for the gr-gr-gr-grandkiddies?'

Thinking about it, juicing really is a terribly inefficient way to consume vegetables, they chuck heaps of food into those machines to get some juices flowin'. I've given the natrapath away a while ago when we weren't making any progress, but I'm now curious to why she was so big for juice - surely eating the vegetables nude would be better?

I'm now totally bummed, something I thought was really good for me I'm now rating as : SuperCrap since I need that planet to not be a big ol tip. High maintenance of me, I know...

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Hanging with Mich all of yesterday (I'm back at work today - been here for hours and haven't actually touched anything worky yet, in your faces sorry corporate world) taught me heaps about people and a bit about myself.

She taught me mainly through example of how I don't want things to be. Now, don't get me wrong, she's not supercrap, but she is generally unhappy with her life. She's more than capable of holding a serious conversation, she is able to be supportive and appreciative but I will say that the majority of random comments she makes are negative/complainy.

It's an unhappy place to be, where your gut reaction or instinct is bad. She's got a pretty awesome life; a good job and rad friends, no troubles and stress just should not exist but it totally does... I think she might be the unhappiest person I know.

She's 27 and does not have a boyfriend, and therefore no immediate prospect for marriage. This upsets her more than I can possibly comprehend. I think she wants to get married to
a) get her Mum off her back
b) have a dude provide her with more money and fix all her problems
c) have a massive big day all about herself.

She lives in a constant circle of dependency of attention from her friends, so much so that her friends are starting to get over it and withdraw, which is making things worse and worse, especially since her best friends are applying for visas in happyhappycoupleland.

The good thing for me, is that I get caught up in similar to her foibles but to a much lesser degree. Seeing the extremes really does highlight how completely unnecessary and destructive it all is. She knows that her brain isn't helping her, and so reads a lot of self help books and all that, but doesn't seem to take any of it in, the negative emotions always seem to take over, even when she logically knows she's being crap. Then she feels crap for being crap and so on and so forth.

She's hanging with us until the 3rd of Jan and Cara is flying up today. I'm thinking of basically beating Mich up everytime she's unnecessarily negative... do you think that'll help or will I become The Most Annoying Young Man of All Time?

Since I'm on the topic, and not that I'm here yet, but I'm probably the closest I've been in the 6 years I've known her:

Is it the wrongest to tell someone to go away and come back when they are a better person?

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Hey googs, can I ask you a question?

Hey Google, how ya doin'? This blog of Adam's is pretty hardcore awesomeish, but I really wish I knew more about him, the real him. Oh Google, the modern day oracle, can you tell me what Adam is like?

Adam is like Deion Sanders. If he ever messes up, you just know he's going to make sure he'll get the next one.
ADAM is like a textbook that is operated on a computer.
Adam is like the patriarch Joseph.
Adam is like Allah.
Adam is like so hott and with Melissa is better than ever. I so want to meet Adam!!!
Adam is like a brother to her.
Adam is like he is.
Adam is like a club president.
Adam is like a spittle in the ocean?
adam is like a dream come true!!!
Adam is like Tony Robbins.
Adam is like Jazz Rock's version of a fine wine - he keeps getting better with age.
Adam is like Achilles, Odysseus, and Aeneas — a man of wrath, exiled from home because he angered God by going beyond his limit as a man.
Adam is like a godfather of blogging.
Adam is like Christ who came later.
Adam is like a perfect book, which encompasses all possible words - sentences - ideas, waiting to be understood through its exposition.
adam is like my uber student even tho hes in detention lots lol :P
Adam is like the rainbow in relation to. the sun.
Adam is like Paris Hilton closing Britney's legs.
Adam is like the dry branch.
adam is like my hero because when i get too drunk to take care of myself, he makes the possessions i lost.
Adam is like Dad's twin.
adam is like living with the sister i never had so it can be a rather tumultuous ride.
Adam is like the brother I never had. He is pure muppet. Currently, we have plans to co-write a review book on public bathrooms of the world.
Adam is like he's got a virus.
Adam is like having your own personal designer.
adam is like the love of my life.
adam is like a cute teddy bear.
Adam is like a young energetic pup.

Unsolicited Sympathy This Way

So yeah, I'm at work. It's Sunday. I was at work yesterday, it was Saturday. I'll be the only person on the whole project working in the 3 days between Boxing Day and New Years Day.

Am I being punished? No, lots of people had to organise a lot of things so I could have the opportunity to work.

Do I have work to do? No, not really. I have stuff I can do but it's hardly urgent.

Did I desperately want to work? Um, no.

Will I get paid overtime? No, but I will get paid for days worked, which is better than not being paid for days unworked.

So, um? Yes, exactly right. I'm here purely for political reasons, just so my department (IT) can say they are putting in an extra special effort and to prove once and for all that we are better than that other department (HR) in all things including arts and crafts and playing the guitar.

So, it's not so bad, Mich and Cara aren't arriving for a couple of days, so I didn't really have much else to do, and I am getting paid for five days which isn't going to hurt, but I nearly had to reject the whole thing for the pure retardation of it all.

'Haaaaaaarucken HR, hahaha!'

Thursday, December 21, 2006


Godddam I'm so freaking intoxicatedinebriated. I'm listening to littel Cara on the radio via my laptop which is why I'm on the computer, leave me alone I don't spend the whole night/life on computers. I just got back from a work drinks thing. It was someones maybe tow peoples farewell last drinks thing and all through my professional life I've always made awesome awesome friends with people who are just leaving. Always happens. I had quite fun tonight, it was a bit random but i feel quite liked because people seem to like me or something or something. God, I'm so spinning like fuin.

Anywaho, what else, I think that all my blogger friends are qite awesome. I was surprised how nice eeveryone was not just polite and also D'Jen this is all fault I read your comment saying I had to blog and this is all I had to come up with. i hope that when I go back to live in Mlebs that I get to meet Keeks and Mars and Dave Mack and te others but I also very much livked the Bribsnae kids and also Canberra jukds were real fun too. Enny is the funnest. God I should be sleapping but somone has to look out for the young lady and make sre her radi oshow in the funnest. What an I going do to stay awake s for a whole hour, I think I'll just sit quitely in the chair. Love yas. mostly.

Monday, December 18, 2006


You have entered Meeting Room 1.
The early morning sunshine filters in through the window, you notice 3 white boards covered in little writing and 8 chairs.

You sit down in a chair.

You try to decipher the writing, you use item Glasses.

You recover 3 points of Tiredness.
You get hungry.

A Project Manager walks in and sits down on a chair.
A Director walks in and sits down on a chair.
A HR Team Lead walks in and sits down on a chair.
A Staff Member walks in and sits down on a chair.
A Staff Member walks in and sits down on a chair.
A Staff Member walks in and sits down on a chair.

A Project Manager fires a Question at you.
You defend with Answer, you lose 0 health points.

You look at Project Manager.
Meeting Confidence (9)
Tiredness (1)
Care Factor (8)
Whiteboard maker
Bulldog Expression
Furious Charge
Affected By:
Current Health :

You look at yourself.
Meeting Confidence (3)
Tiredness (6)
Care Factor (2)
Bottle of Water
Charisma + 43
IT Ninja
Affected By:
No Allies
Team Leader causing Trouble
Current Health :

A Project Manager fires a Question at you.
You fail to defend with Answer, you lose 5 health points.

A Director fires a Question at you.
You fail to defend with Answer, you lose 10 health points.

You use item Bottle Of Water, you gain 2 health points.

A Project Manager requests Work To Be Done.
You fail to defend with Reasons Why That Is Retarded, you lose 5 health points.

A Director fires a Sweeping Statement.
Everyone loses 5 health points.

A Staff Member fires a Question at you.
You defend with Answer, you lose 0 health points.

A Project Manager fires a Question at A Staff Member.

You leave Meeting Room 1.
You are hungry.

A Trouble Making Team Leader demands Reasons Why Work Should Be Done.
You fail to defend with Answer, you lose 2 health points.

You have been killed.
Would you like to play again (Y/N)?

Sunday, December 17, 2006

I'm alive/okayish.

Wellity, wellity, wellity.

Whoa! For possibly the first time since the inception of this blog I'm going to write about more than one thing in a single post. It's a big, big day for blogging.

You may notice that it is actually Sunday and I'm here typing at this ol computadora instead of listening to a John Cena speech. You may have also noticed you tearing up over the slightest thing and not known why. From Wednesday the 13th of December, my workplace has blocked/outfiltered blogger and blogger related sites for reasons that they may contain the word "sex". You peeps should be ashamed of yourselves! Dirty little hoes.

So, I have no idea how I am to fill in my 40 hours a week, I could do work, but I'll be exhausted and professional. I may instead start reading the entire wiki website. Yeah baby, smarts and 'That Adam, he's so full of knowledge plus he's also dreamy' are coming my way!

Secondly, I wanted to write up my survival of the Brisbane Blogger Meet.

Our assigned meeting place was a stroke of organisational genius, it avoided the confusion of everyone looking for someone they had never seen in a crowded pub. I got there early because I'm a big wuss bag and not very good at approaching random people to ask 'hi, will you be my friend?' and also I didn't have any phone numbers so I didn't want to be late and miss the big blogger boat.

That stroke of organsational genius however, was ungeniusified by the rain that D'Jen systematically brings when she ventures to an outting.... meaning entire crowds of weird old dudes and families were huddled in and around our exclusive place of meet.

At 5 minutes to I started to wonder if I had the wrong place, not realising that Brisbane Bloggers are a smart ol bunch and had set up vantage points where they could spy on the meeting point.

Eventually I heard the hushed whispers of 'you say something' 'no, you say something' and spied Delightful Jen's famous face.

Now, I'm sure you're far more interested in what these Brisbane Bloggers are actually like more than what transpired, so here is the Adam Summary Of Personality:

Delightful Jen.
D'Jen is a little a tiny cute little girl trapped in a tall person's body. Her voice, views, inabilty to swear and arguing style all make you want to wrap her in a blanket and ask your parents if you can keep her.

I found her impossible to argue against and thusly I will be reading blogs and writing comments from home rather than eating and sleeping like I usually do in my non-work hours. I'd trust her to look after any kids I probably won't have, but I wouldn't trust her to look after an ancient family heirloom box of chocolate/shoes. You have been warned.

Deb seemed like a lovely, reasonable, entertaining young lady which made me think she was up to something. You'd know she'd charm your grandma by talking through recipes of old person food but also laugh at the bawdy jokes of your grandma's harley-riding neighbours. I didn't get to spend too much time with young Deb, but she seemed a bit alright.

I'll be seeing a lot more of Jac in the future, which may lead to such entertaining conversations as 'Hey Adam, whoa! I loved that post on your blog, have you told your girlfriend about your blog yet, here is your double choc icecream with sprinkles Girl Holding Adam's Hand'. I guess Jac could be a lovely, decent person, but frankly we didn't see it, she was far too busy being hilarious and way quick witted. She's got a way with the comebacks this one.

Enny is a girl who you can always trust to be completely honest with everyone and therefore she won't be introduced to my parents, bosses, work collegues or friends anytime soon. I reckon she's one of these people who has to let you in to be friends with her, then unleashes the cuteness. Good with the jokes, good with the overall knowledge of world, if I did introduce her to my friends, they'd probably like her more than me. Go back to Canberra/let me know if you want to go to the movies.

Natalie was mean to her husband and made him leave.
I reckon this chick is like stupidly smart and has a ridiculous awesome memory and therefore was very entertaining and had a joke or story for every single situation. She also picked up a lesbian at the bar.

The lesbian then told me wild and varied stories about her excellent boobs being as much a curse as a gift and I didn't have the heart to tell her that I thought they were just okay, but she was lovely and touched my arm while she spoke so I rate the the lesbian 7/10. Natalie was okay too.

Kristy also had a story for every occasion, don't any parents teach their kids that young ladies are to be seen and not heard? She's a short little cute blond thing who probably makes friends every time she hops on a bus but I did struggle to hear a lot of what she said because the people sitting next to me were always too loud. She did give me money at the end of the night so I'd hang out with her again. Maybe.

Her job is impossible to guess. Impossible.
She was a bit unsure at the start, she only knew of Deb and was thrown into the Lions Den of Hilarity and managed to eventually escape mostly alive. She was heaps lovely which also made me think she was up to something.

Natalie's Husband.
Seemed cool. Likes cricket. Is married, ie, Hands Off, Ladies!

P.S) Jac did threaten to find random pictures off the internet and post them up. Don't believe any pictures you read on her blog.

P.P.S) All the bloggers seemed quite well endowed except for one. Way to let the team down, Adam! Freakin'. Banned from all future blogger events until the manboobs come out.

[Edit: Same story, different perspectives: Jac, Enny & DelighfulJen.]

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Decisions of a not so important nature...

... but kind of fun to make anyway.

So, this is a photo of my transportational at the beach at the end of my street. He had a great day building sandcastles and playing in the waves.

But when I get back to Melbourne, I think I'm going to want a change, I think I'm ready for a different style of transportational and I think I've picked this one...


  • Cara plus other friends won't touch the Very Fast Red but might pillion up on this one.
  • Far less chance of me falling off.
  • Traffic is much nicer to you.
  • More relaxed style of getting around.
  • New bike should keep it's value much better than the old bike.
  • Cheaper insurance.


  • Have to buy and sell transportationals = hassle.
  • Requires monies.
  • Don't have the gut, beard or black jacket for it.
  • Should I just buy a car instead?

So, what say you blogdudes and blogchicks? When people ask why I went more cruisery than sporty can I just tell them that the internet told me to?

A never ending story.

Cara has a very strong sense of style, it's called Looking Like Rockstars.
Adam has a very strong sense of style, it's called Must Be Able To Save The World At Any Time (should be able to run in clothes).

Since, I've been hermitting up, I haven't been looking so groovy, and the one or two cool t-shirts and short sleeve shirts I've purchased all Melbourne people have seen at various events.

So, I had a Massive Bright Idea of Awesomeness (MBIofA for short). We had no plans the day of Cara's birthday dinner party, so I thought we could go clothes shopping for me and I would refrain from going "Pfffft" everytime she pulled out something rockstary (as I may have done once or twice before).

To add to the funness, our dear friend Amber who has been AWOLOS the last couple of years was to be working during Cara's birthday so was all excited also to come along to dress me up awes.

Setting the scene: Saturday morning. Basecamp. Amber's apartment.
Amber: Hey, can Justin come, he is coming home from riding a bicycle?
(Note: Words written may not be like exactly recorded exact)
Rest of cast: Yes.

We each had a mission:
Adam = Sacraficial lamb/Soon to be Rockstar.
Cara = Coolness Finder.
Amber = Find Stupid Things for Boys to try on for entertainment of girls/store staff.
Justin = PASLEY PREVENTION PATROL (<---Most important team member)

Adam (looks out window/balcony): Hey, Amber (and/or) Justin, did you notice there is a DFO across the road?
Amber (and/or) Justin: Is that's what is going on down there?
Adam: Should we start there?
Rest of Cast: It's not very rockstarry.
Adam: Eh, it's right there.
Rest of Cast: Okay.

Setting the Scene: Saturday morning. Inside doorway of DFO.
Girls: WHOA!!
Boys: Uh oh.
Amber: Shoes, glorious shoes.
Cara: Dresses, so many dresses.
Justin: I'm scared.
Adam: Hold me.
Cara: I'm going to try on that green dress first.
Amber: Yayy! Black shoes of some type (she used better, more descriptive words that only girls understand)
Adam dressed as Riot Police: No! Adam clothes first.
Cara and Amber cry.
Adam: Keep walking.
Cara: This is torture.
Justin: Are there any mens stores?
Amber: Can't we just go into one shoe store?
Cara: Can we eat some foodcourt?
Adam: Keep walking.
Justin: Is that it? This whole place is girls clothes...
Cara: What's that down over there?
Everyone walks
Team: WHOA!!!
Adam: It's all mens stores.
Team: YAYYYY!!!
15 clothing items suggestions later.
Adam: Hmmm, no, I was thinking more like a dressy short sleeve shirt. These are all long sleeve shirts or t-shirts.
Team: We've all found many things that would be cool for any other occasion but not so much for this particular occasion.
Adam: Sigh.
Cara: Okay. This is the last store in DFO. They have all types of shirts, let's get you trying on everything.
Adam holds out arms while team puts entire store in arms.
Adam: Hi, can I try on these clothes? (Looking at sign that says '3 items only')
Staff member: no probs.
Cara: This first one is okay, but it's a bit boring.
After a million tryings on.
Cara: Uh, they are all boring, that first one was best.
Adam: Hey, what about that mannequin over there, does that look cool?
Cara: Yeeeeaaahhhhh. Excuse me store person, can we try on those clothes?
Storeperson: Sure. Except we don't have those exact pants, and not the shirt in his size.
Adam tries on substitute clothes.
Amber: Urg.
Justin: Urg.
Cara: Urg.
Adam: Sigh, I'll get the first shirt as a backup shirt.
Team eats foodcourt.
Cara: Let's try the basement at Myer, then we can also purchase a birthday cake.
Amber: Whoa! This place is cool. (Watches random girl band performing)
Justin: Do'h! It's all brown or blue shirts or pasley.
Adam: I already have brown or blue shirts.
Team is tired.
cara: Try these on.
Adam: How do I look?
Team dispondent after 4 hours of shopping: We dunno.
Adam: Cara? Do I look rockstar enough for tonight?
Cara: I dunno. What do you think?
Adam: I dunno.
Cara: I want a boyfriend that is confident enough to decide what he thinks looks good and wears it with confidence.
Adam: Dude, of course I can, but I thought you'd like a chance to get a word in, you usually seem to have a clear idea of what you like and don't like.
Cara: Sigh. I do. I just haven't seen anything today.
Amber/Justin: We have to go to work now.
Cara/Adam: Bye kids, have fun or similar.
Adam: All right. Follow me.
Smaller but feistier team goes through many stores.
Adam: Nope, nope, nope.
Team ends up in RDX (Roger David Extreme - I kid you not)
Adam: Hmmm, all these shirts are brown and blue again. What's up with this burg? Hey Cara, what about the dude on that poster, does he look rockstar?
Cara: Yeah, he looks hot. Storeperson, can we try on those clothes?
Storeperson: Yes, but we don't have that jacket in any size but extra large.
Adam tries on substitute clothes.
Cara: Urg.
Adam: Grumblegrumblegrumble.
Adam: Okay, new plan, I'll try and groovy up the boring black backup shirt.
Cara: Yay, that looks okay, let's get cake and go home.
Adam/Cara: Phew, we are exhausted... too exhausted for birthday dinners tonight?

Setting the scene: Adam/Cara's house. 10 minutes until taxi arrives.
Cara: ARRRGGHHH! We're late and my hair looks crap.
Adam: ARRRGGHHH! We're late and these clothes look retarded.
Cara: Um, yeah, sorry dude.
Adam: It's okay, I'll fix it (said with gusto and also ideas).

Setting the scene: 4am Sunday morning.
Cara: Whoa! I loved my birthday party.
Adam: Yayy! People told me you looked hot.
Cara: Whoa! Two people told me you looked hot.
Borat: High Five!

Setting the scene: Lunch on Monday with Mich, Amber, Cara, Adam, Justin.
Amber: How was Saturday night?
Adam/Cara: Yayyy! We loved it.
Adam: P.S) I didn't actually end up wearing anything we bought on Saturday.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Yo Adam, what's your story?

Why, hello there!

Now, I know during the Bloggolympics some of you were all excited about papers, rocks and, to a smaller degree scissors, but some others of you were patiently waiting until I started writing about myself again. I'm sure you've all missed stories about me being grumpy or why I think I'm boring or random promises to my blog that I haven't kept.

So, the funness starts here. I mean, here. Staaaaarts here.


Oh. My. Freakin!

My boss chick, is absolutely, positively driving me completely bananas. It's just the two of us in our team and she talks all day long. I've never, ever met anyone that needs so much attention or is so completely ruled by her emotions. Every word she says is either overly aggressive or giggly and excited. Me and her ex husband (who she speaks to most days, weird?) seem to be the only ones who don't cop her wrath. If work people aren't getting chewed to pieces then her parents or partner are. All aboard the Rollercoaster of Emotions!

Being a dude, my ability to tune out is being honed hardcore.She's got a weapon against this though, she's pulling out the ol' Starting Random Sentences bit. "What should we do about... "

Then, it feels a bit rude to ignore someone completely, so I usually pipe in with "What should we do about what?" after about 4 minutes. Then she can't remember/gets distracted/starts ranting.

So, apart from that, it's all okayish. Clearly I'm doing an okay job, even though I don't do much but read blogs throughout the day. Except they want to extend my contract to October 2008.

October. 2008.

So I laughed.

Then I countered with March 2007.

They laughed.

So, I don't know. I won't pretend Cara was ecastic with the idea. I'd even go as far as saying she was slightly less than ecastic. So, I've got her doing agent duties alongside her musician duties. She's calling up recruitment companies and looking at Seek and whatnot to find me a contract in Melbourne. I like having her involved because I don't want work to realise I'm looking elsewhere. Cara just likes being involved. It's a big impact on our lives.


Still rough. Cara probably isn't going to have much of an income for the next year and I'm still clawing slowly back into the black (from being an unemployed bum and going OS earlier this year). I feel like it's enforcing hermitness in me and I don't find that fun. December should have been the month that the credit cards were going to be killed off but Christmas and my project shutting down will kill that little milestone. Before this year I had never been in debt - it's not something I'm way comfortable with.


Well, one girl really.Things are heaps good with us.I just came back from a long weekend in Melbourne for Cara's birthday. She was spoilt good by everyone. It was a super awesome weekend, I loved it.

The relationship between Cara and myself is perfect... apart from the distance between us. The distance does mean the time we spend together is specialer and we are both coping a lot better than when I lived in Sydney last year.

That all said, I do feel like that there are some strong boy presences in her life that I'm not the most comfortable with.

She's been hanging a lot with her exboyfriend Don the last couple of months. She adores him and I know she might occasionally wonder what could have been. She totally respects him and thoroughly enjoys his friendship. I like him too and I trust him completely. This might be an awful thing to say, but, if they were both hanging out and quite drunk, I actually think I would trust him more than I would trust Cara to be proper and good. I don't really have a problem, but I think I'm allowed to feel slightly uncomfortable when a way cool, charismatic, good looking, ex boyfriend is around and I'm not.

Don is fine really, I'm just being competitive.
Dave, though, is a bit more annoying to me.

Cara's band have lost their drummer. It was always going to happen. He's an awesome drummer but he lives 4 hours away and is always very poor.

A potential new drummer is called Dave, he's from another band that Cara's band gigs with. He's a bit of a player and from the start made it very clear that he thinks she's cute (which she is). He's signed a CD for her and jokingly said he's always loved her, sent her e-mails saying that she looked hot at her gig and explained how much he perved on her, etc.

I think Cara liked the attention at the start but has OD'd on him, especially now that they may have a working relationship. She's thinks he's harmless and is basically waiting for an opportunity to tell him to cut it out. I haven't told her, but I've known dudes that like to chase girls that are in happyhappycoupleland just to rock the boat and get a reaction. I think I'm more worried about this dude than Cara is, if he's way chasing my girlfriend, it shows a whole lot of nonrespect to me. I've met him before and he seemed totally fun and jokey. I'm not at all worried about losing Cara to this dude, but selfishly I don't really want to be hearing "hey baby, pass me that cord.... thanks sugarpie" everytime I hang with the band... but because he hasn't actually tried anything I can't really say anything. It's a situation that I really need to figure how to handle/cope with. The music industry is a very emotionally based business and this sort of thing is always going to come up.

So anyways, that's just my weirdness but if I can't unleash my insecurities on my blog then what's the point, freakin.


Our friends were so awesome over the weekend.We've got some really good mates that love us and treat us grouse.

There is one friend though, that everyone is having problems with. Her name is Mich.
She's always been hard work. While I've spent good times with this little chicky and have loved her dearly, I think I've OD'd on her a bit recently.

Like my worker boss chick, she is remarkably selfish, self-involved and completely ruled by her emotions. She rang me up a while back and completely ambushed me about NYE, tried to lock me into her plans when she knew I didn't know the whole story. When she did tell me all the bits, and I said I couldn't commit to anything until things were sorted, she ranted and ranted and had a bit of a cry. I was lovely and way supportive and it wasn't until later felt used and abused. Two days later, she changed all her plans anyways and now she's coming to stay with me in Brisbane for the Christmas/NYE period - organising with Cara and not clearing it with me. But whatevs, I can't go to the party so it comes to me right?

Since that little ambushing I wasn't real keen to talk to her much and I've heard a few stories that she's been painful with everyone. She was at Cara's birthday and totally tried to have it out during the birthday dinner. I wouldn't play (it wasn't the time or the place) so she remained stroppy and weird for the whole weekend. We should have it out, but to be perfectly honest, I can't be bothered. We've all had it out with her over and over and she still doesn't get it. She knows logically that she's being a pain and remarkably selfish but she can never control herself in the moment.

Apart from Mich, everyone is awesome. I am very excited about meeting some new friends on the 16th of this month.


Damn him! I'm still trying to be very good and follow all the advices of my various health professionals and the current status of RSI in my hands is : No Difference.
I've given the various health professionals away for the moment, it was getting crazy expensive and I'm seeing an accupuncturist only. I figure anyone who gets paid to stick needles into other people is a genius.


Still no freakin abs.


I haven't done so many photoshoots lately as I did when I first arrived in the Brisbanetown, but since I'm being all dormant and savey moneyerey I'm teaching myself Photoshop. I love it. I'm really excited to create images and do funness. The RSI doesn't help, but, you know, I have to do something.

In Conclusion

Everything is a bit alright. Whoo!