Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Life as a bum (Part 1 of a series of 1,000,000)

Yo dude, you seem not to be reading our blogs very often these days, your comments have been highly missed. What's with the lack of love?

Seriously, you're an unemployed bum now? Whoa! What does that mean, what do you do all day, how do you earn the crust or similar?

Cool. So, you're not really an unemployed bum, you're more like a self-employed bum who isn't taking any further work....huh...

Alright. Alright I'll call you an unemployed bum then, geez, no need to get ansy. Oh, you've put it on your business card? Let's see that. Weird.

Started skateboarding? That's so midlife crisisy dude, I guess a skateboard is cheaper than a lambo - but honestly, can't you midlife better than that.

So what have you been doing during your days?

That many photoshoots, whoa, you're the worst on holidays guy ever. What about the relaxing, the 2 minute noodles and daytime TV?