Friday, June 30, 2006

I'd like to welcome my new half sister into the world.

Kate Amy, it's a big world out there and I can't wait to share it with you.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Multiple Choice Question for Today.

Why am I so bad at Ten Pin Bowling? Is it because:

1.) I fear alienating my friends if I'm too too good.
2.) I have no hand/eye co-ordination because I didn't do any sport as a child.
3.) I have dodgy wrists from disengaging from motorbike to ground at speed.
4.) I always try to entertain my fellows with stupid shots that score none.
5.) I'm not usually drunk enough/too drunk.

letter from the editor

Dear Mr Bevis,

Thank you for this continued support of this blog. We would like to inform you that we appreciate your comments and we love you*.

We have enjoyed all your blog entries although we must admit that we do skip over the entries about a television programme called The Amazing Race. These entries are purely skipped through due entirely to a lack of knowledge of the subject matter and not at all because the entries are any less excellent than any other.We sincerely hope that you could find a means through blog entries to support your family AND keep us entertained.

In regards to your comments in the below post, we wish to inform you that despite the years of blog continuance, not a single person knows both entities of Adam and blog.We do acknowledge that this might be slightly on the contraversial side as collegues, friends and family are discussed without any means of rebuttle, however, this is in fact an online journal for one Adam and thus would not provide the opportunity to expunge feelings of frustration, hilarity, saddness and ridiculousness. We do believe wholeheartedly believe this might be a very different blog if the general Adam adoring public knew about it.

Please be aware that some of the entries are deceptive in that, the feelings exist only for the duration of the writing. Once released the emotions often disapate.

Thanks again for the commenting excellence.
The writing and editing staff of Adam Isn't Going Anywhere.

* All affection and love specified in the above letterage was intended solely in a mates way - promise.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Hey kids,
Sorry about the below image, I wanted to post it on a photography website so other people could help me with my lighting issues. Unforuntately to post the picture up, it only accepted a URL, so I had to post it here to post it there.It's really not the quality I'm after, being in Brisbane without my little studio, I feel like I'm learning it all again, which is good, but you know, I want to be awesome at things the first time I try....
I'm enjoying my little Brisbane jaunt, but I find it tricky as well.The models and makeup chicks I've met have been super lovely, and work is getting funner and I'm pretty busy so it's all good.I think I've had trust issues with Cara for a while, but it always seems compounded when I'm away because at the start she wants to talk to me everyday, and then every second day, now it's kinda once a week. She jampacks her life with fun friends, which is cool and exciting for her but all that starts to replace the very things that I offer her. Being away gives me entirely too much time to think and feel sorry for myself (even though everything is actually pretty awesome). I guess the problem is that I don't like talking to Cara about these sort of things because she doesn't take it well and let's face, feelings and stuff makes dudes way more unattractive, but I don't really have anyone else to talk through it with. SO it mulls in my mind without release. Without a one to slap the sense in.
I have one friend here, but she kinda feels like she's on loan from someone else. A friend from Sydney hooked us up. Which I tell you about another time... I'm exhausted.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

First time without my studio - not totally happy.