Monday, February 28, 2005

Sign my petition?

Already I'm ready to start my petition. I call it 'Crazy Old men versus the people'. The old codger came round and asked if I had any feedback. I sent him the document I had been working on with all the problems I found. He was excited for the feedback, but ever since he has been muttering and talking at his computer. I thought people only did that in the movies when they have to stablise the electric perimiter fence to stop the dinosaurs getting in.

He's still muttering.
Crap, he's getting up to come over. Alt-tab, alt-tab.....

Crazy old men should be boiled down and used for vitamins

Okay so. Today might be officially my boringest day at work. This is not because I have nothing do to. I have many many things to do, however, there is one thing that everyone wants me to do. This one thing is mind-numblingly, brain-freezingology, stupid-makingly boring - that is, pretty freakin' boring.

There is this program that a crazy old man wrote. He loves his program and it needs to be tested. I am testing it. Today the crazy old man stopped by my desk to tell me why it is urgent that I test it, it's because he is looking for another job and they want this program all good before he gets some job offer.

Still with me. Good.The crazy old man took a whole dagnam hour to tell me this. An hour!!I have never ever stifled so many yawns.

So, here I am, almost getting on with it.Except the program is so complicated, no one will ever want to use it. No such thing as user-friendliness.
I'm making a list of the massive amount of things wrong with it, but I don't want to give it to him because then he'll talk to me for 67 hours. He'll justify rather than fix and I so totally don't even care.

Clearly I don't have enough actual serious problems in my life, if this gets my goat up.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Story telling

I have realised that there is more than just telling good stories. I remembered why I tend not to tell stories, it's because people love talking about themselves, but in the short attention span era that we live in, people tend to turn off during the seconds that another is listening. Speaking to Cara last night, she would be totally involved in her stories but would totally interupt mine. When I would be talking, her attention would go to the radio or the television. Yet, she can repeat verbatim things that her band members or producers have told her. Danielle was the same, I could see her mood changing and her attention wavering when she wasn't recalling a story.

You would assume that I'm totally boring, but both these people tell me that they find me hilarious. I learnt that people don't listen to me for very long so I became very good at quipping in with something short and funny.

The trick is attention and respect.

I remember a chick called Nancy who would tell hilariously debauched stories and have entire tables hanging on her every word. She was smart, clever and her stories would always be a little shocking. It was great, but you would be completely unable to have a conversation with anyone else because people would snap to attention as soon as Nancy opened her mouth.

Other guys that I know that would have other's listening as soon as they said something had a very similar strength of character that Nancy had.

It isn't just the ability to tell good stories, people have to really want to listen to you.
For this to happen, I might need a bit of a character-overhaul.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I totally have no stories for this blogger thing

Talking to Danielle last night for a kabillion hours, I realised that I'm really not a story teller. I don't share stories, I just throw in a quip here and there and generally talk but I'm hardly the master story teller. This I would like to change. I would love to capivate a table load of people with hilarity and while I have no idea how to undertake this challenge, I pledge to you.

Before this Sydney session is over, I will be a great story teller!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


There is a girl at work that was totally fun in her first couple of days and then suddenly went all weird and not fun. It wouldn't mean anything, except there is very very few people at my work that can be placed at all in the spectrum from zero to fun.

Is it my place to do anything? Do I even care at all?

On way more entertaining news young Danielle is coming to Sydney tonight. She has come for work tomorrow but is all up for some funness tonight.......... it's been ages since I've had an actual conversation with someone.

Friday, February 18, 2005


If Microsoft Word automatically corrects all my misspelt words, how am to ever learn from my mistakes?
Will Globalisation and production of similar products for all countries eventually erode all languages to pidgeon English or sms txt?

All this thinking is making me hungry.................. laters.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Sydney bloggers

Hmmm, I changed my profile to say Sydney and New South Wales then clicked on 'Sydney' to see who is out there. Has anyone else done this? Is it not odd that everyone that appears in that list is either an late 20s white male or a young asian female? Surely Sydney covers more demographics than that. Could it be that no one likes to admit that they live in Sydney?

Just in case this was true, I changed my profile back to Melbourne.

Did you know there was a harbour here?

I just found out that Darling Habour and Circular Quay are two totally separate places.


That makes things way less confusing. I went for a walk this one time recently and went around from the Bridge to the Opera House looking for a fountain that I remember playing on a few years ago. When I couldn't find I assumed they just built an opera house over the top of it. I thought it all seemed smaller than I remembered.....

Wednesday, February 16, 2005


So like all new toys, I soon forgot about this blogger thing.
I just happened to stumble upon my userid and password for it and thought I would come and say hello.

I'm now working in Sydney for a couple of months. It's close enough to Melbourne to still run home on the weekends if need be but far away to not know anyone and only be dependant on myself. It's been hard, harder than I thought.............but like all things, anything worth doing is going to be hard.

So, I'm going to Welcome myself back.
Welcome back Adam.