Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Employed? Unemployed?

Do you remember a long time ago when I told you I was employed. Well, that only actually lasted for 3 and a half days.

I scoped a project. That means I go in, they tell me their problems and I tell them how long it's going to fix it. It was the first time I ever ran the show like that and I wasn't all that good at it. After a couple of hours I told them it might take five weeks. After 3 days of actually investigating their problems I told them it would take 11 weeks. I feel a bit sheepish but they didn't seem to mind.

After I finished scoping their project, I half expected them to turn around and say thanks but no thanks, it's all way too freakin' hard. I've had the past few days to re-emerce myself in my unemployed bummery but have also managed to take a few calls. These calls have been other offers for contracts. Some of them sounded awesome. Unfortunately, I had to tell them all to wait until tomorrow morning when I hear of an answer from the crew from last week. Still with me?

one of the projects I was offered was in Brisbane for a mother huge company where I got to work in a team. This sounds way totally appealing to me. The last few projects I've been on my lonesome and wouldn't mind a team to bounce ideas off and learn from other people. It's also for more cashola and a good company to have on the old resume. I was excited about heading up to Brisbane because the weather is way awesomer, I would have to travel by motorbike in the rain for the next few months and it would inject some excitement into the ol' Adam&Cara machine.

Today I got a call from the last week crew who said there is a 80% chance they'll want me to start on Monday and start with the project that I recommended against. This means I'll be there even longer than I first anticipated.

I don't know how I feel about this. I was looking forward to a change, but on the other hand, this Melbourne contract will give me a chance to establish a strong routine and allow me to persue a few interests I have. I felt over those 3 days last week that I was pulled straight back into the boringness of everydayness.

Ahhhhhh, she'll be right. It always works out.

oh, and if you remember I wrote about Cara's sister and her bizarre terminated employment? She's now working for a travel agent and is totally, absolutely loving it! It's worked out really well for her and fairly well for me..... it's totally handy having access to cheap flights and accomodation. I'm proud and happy for her.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Hey do you mind if I just randomly think here?

One of the things I don't really like about myself is my own motivation, or lack thereof. When I am actually motivated about something, I totally turn it on but when I would like to achieve something, but don't see myself as actually having to, I'm just lazy. I really don't like that. I totally talk myself out of things all the time.

Before travelling, I didn't just go to the gym to improve my fitness, I actually totally went to et bigger, faster and stronger than Alex. Alex and I are very similar and we have a very healthy competitive streak with each other. In the weeks leading upto that first runway takeoff he saw that I was a bit bigger and quicker and that completely got him working hard. Knowing he was working hard got me training up even more. At takeoff we were both winners, but I was by far the best winner, surely.

I don't actually enjoy going to the gym and since haven't made much of an effort. Even when I am there, I get over it if it's too crowded or I can't be bothered. I get angry at myself for being lazy, but that doesn't seem to get me there. The gym is one example, I'm like this with everything, dagnammitconsarnit.

Motivation and determination are so, so, so obviously the thing that makes people do real good at stuff. 'Wanting it more' seems to win everything, which is awes, except where do I get some of that from?

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Employment of Adam

Whoa! So in the middle of all the contract negotiations and stresses, I get a phone call from a guy I used to work with who recommended me to some peeps. I call the esteemed gentlemen and the next day I'm workin' for 'em. Che Bizarre!

Now I'm in scoping some company for a job they want done. I've been there for two days and I figure I'm either going to be there for one more day or another 80 days, it really could go either way. Fun, fun.

It's a bit boring but totally streaching me. I've never gone in as the sole expert before, it was a bit rough after being on holidays/an unemployed bum for nearly 4 months. I've learnt heaps in just two days even though I'm supposed to come in and tell them how to do everything. I keep expecting them to rock in and yell 'but, but, he's a fraud, he doesn't even know what a computer is'.

Instead of totally exposing me for the fraud that I am, they are going to order a birthday cake for Friday because it's my birthday on Saturday. Whoooo!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Who is it? Who is it? Who is it?

That particular photoshoot never, even happened..... I didn't find a makeup person until the 11th hour and then when I did find one, the young lady never got back to confirm if she was still cool until well after I had already called the whole thing off.

I have done a couple of successful photoings since and have two tomorrow. I did in fact learn my lesson.

Today, after much diliberation and decision making, I turned down a contract in Sydney. It was the first actual contract offer I've received in the past 4 months. It felt weird turning it down but I don't really expect to regret it. Cara might, but I don't think I will. My pimp man was deadset against it, the rate was too low and all the extra expenses will kill me, which is interesting seeing as the last time I was in Sydney I was only making a touch more.... confirming my suspecions that he's been into some creative accounting.

Interestingly enough, on the morning that I had to decide whether or not to go to Sydney, and I had pretty much decided to go, I got two new contracts raising their little heads. Both seemed very interested in me and keen to get the ball rolling immediately.... .but both also said they'd call with a decision this afternoon, and with 15 minutes left to the working day somehow I think they may have been talking through their hats (read: recruitment companies may employ anus eating motherbuckets).

There is something way cool and empowering about being an computer nerd contractor. People totally listen to the stuff you make up, people are way super nice to you and assume you have all the answers but are totally understanding when you don't. Contractors carry an instant respectocard that none are immune to. That said, when negotiating contracts leaves you feeling like a lonely young thing looking for love in the land of one night stands. Recruitment companies say all the right things, right up until you say they can put you forward for a position..... then, no matter how hardened you become, no matter how many times you've done this before, you find yourself looking at your phone, not doing funness outside things in case they call.

The rosehipwoodoil worked a treat. I now have the top lip of a normal person.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Porno Star in the Backyard

So young Meghan, thank you for your contribution to our Random Scariness section. Do you think we have ever used our razors at the exact same time, you and I?

Anyway, my continued adventures as an unemployed bum..

I'm getting to the point where models are approaching me to have their portfolio increased. I received an e-mail from Lara who needed some new shots for her agent. She asked if I wanted to see a photo of her before arranging a shoot, but not only am I pitching myself as The Little Aussie Battler but also The People's Photographer I was more than happy to just run with it.

I'm sure you can see where this is going.

She was tall. She was big. She was old. I wasn't sure if she had been a man. She was a porn star.

She arrived scary, she changed into scarier clothes, it wasn't long before the clothes flew off and I was reminising with fondness over the old days with the scary clothes, at one point while she was trying various poses her finger accidentally found it's way into her vagina, and the entire time she was screeching/yelling/bellowing in a Bristol accent about her husband, her boyfriend, her job as a porn star, her job as an escort, how her daughter doesn't talk to her anymore and why men don't talk to her when she goes to nightclubs.

Out of the 244 photos taken, I managed to find two that I could use for my own portfolio.


Tomorrow I'm taking photos of one of the girls from last years big brother.