Friday, March 31, 2006

The Not Smartest Thing

Early last year, I made the purchase that would change my live forever and ever. It was this.
Duh, ok, I don't even know if that worked... I just bought a freakin' shaving thing, okay.

Now, before you go all, I don't read this blog for curseded (note: not a real word) product reviews, I read this blog because it's rarely updated and makes me feel like treasure when I finally do see a post. This isn't a product review, it's totally a story with the main character being me and the second main character being the shaver thing.

Anyways, it's a normal shaver except for one awesome difference, it has a battery inside it!
It's not a battery shaver though, I've never had one of those, this one you still shave normally but it vibrates slightly for no reason.

Enough about the shaver? Okay, I agree.
The relationship between the Adam and the shaver was going smashingly for months and months and then one day the Adam made a startling discovery.

"Whoa! I've just remembered that every time I shave, that little bit under my nose is quite sensitive..... I'm such a girl."

I can shave as rough as you please, except for that little bit under my nose. I'm usually cool if I do that bit first while it's still wet and warm from my shower and everything is fine.... but one day, armed with my shaver with added vibrational I had a spectatular idea.

"Whoa! I wonder if the micro vibrations can do the shaving for me? That way I don't have to move my hand that much."

I am the smart.

So, I tried it out, I held the shaver in all it's glory under my nose and then moved it slightly to the next bit. It took freakin' forever so I got over it and shaved like a normal person.


Actually, not until, I totally finished the shaving job and went about my merry way.


Until I noticed that the bit under my nose was quite red and a little hurty.
Ah, toughen up soldier, be a man. (Note: I never talk to myself in this manner)

The next day, the skin under my nose was still a bit red and had dried flakes where it tried to heal. Slight gross.

The next time I did the shave, I did it like a normal person the whole way through, but That Bit got all red and angry again. It would be angry for a day then settle down until the next time I shaved. I started to not shave very often. I became slightly sexier/more manly.

For those that read our little overseas jaunt journal, Alex was very excited about his 'Around the world in 80 shaves". The premise was that we would have a shave every few days by various barbers in different countries, and compare results. It made an everyday chore that is almost fun into something almost fun.

These barbers would shave me and That Bit would flare up a little, but less and less and since we only shaved like 4 times the entire month I was away it totally seemed to heal. Yay! Mucho Celebrational! Curse lifted. Case closed.

Oh. But yeah. Came back home.
I thought again.

"What if the problem with That Bit was because of the vibrational shaver? Maybe I should use a different shaver"

Tangent - I took the vibrational shaver overseas, it kept self-turning-on plus buzzing everytime we went through customs. I made many friends.

So, at home, I bought a normal normal razor but That Bit did start up again.
I went to the chemist yesterday and spoke to a person and bought some stuff that should fix it, except last night I scratched off some random bits of dried skin. Slight gross.
Now, I have a sore red angry spot doing a Mighty Fine Impersonation of a Hilter Mustache.

Have become less slightly sexy and less manly. Send flowers.

Duh! Forbidden from my own blog again.

What is blogger trying to tell me?

Well, I'm still very much unemployed but it's getting trickier and confusioning plus.
Currently I have potential contract opportunities (ya love the lingo?) in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Brisbane pays the best, Sydney is middle, Melbourne the worst. Brisbane and Sydney for 2 months, Melbourne for 4. Potentially there is another contract going down in Melbourne that is for a year which will start in late June.

Since the moola from Sydney and Brisbane isn't so much better than paying rent in two cities, Melbourne is looking good.... but if the year long contract goes ahead then I'll have to quit Melbourne halfway through which is very bad karma in this industry. Sydney is the best in terms of skills I can learn, Brisbane is the worst in terms of what I would actually have to do (ie, completely not qualified....shhhhhh.... and boring as all get out). The Melbourne contract is offering such a low rate that it might not be a cool precedent.

The extra confusing thing is the dude whose small company I run my services through doesn't want me to pick up any contract under a certain rate because it messes with his books, and it's just not cool.... but he's not actually coming through with the goods himself.

Add more complexity, Cara hates her job and comes home frustrated way beyond all, and we have a grand plan that once we've got a bit saved up she can quit and start working on her own music business thing. It'll be rockin', but will take a few months (like, 8) before it starts making any money. I don't think she's coping with me being the exact busy unemployed that she wants to be.....

If Brisbane ends up being the go, then they'll want me to start on Monday, which means I have exactly two days to pack up and move interstate for a bit.... which is why they were going to call first thing this morning.... except they didn't.... which is good because my company dude wanted me to stall Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney while I contacted other dudes who might have something.... who never do..... and stalling them has become crazy easy since no one has actually chased anything up this morning anyway.

Which is why it feels like the 10 million phones calls from yesterday never actually felt like they even happened.....

And. And. I had 3 photographic models cancel on me this week, and two last week. The world has gone a little bit topsy and I think it's all because I haven't eaten lunch yet. It is 9 minutes past midday after all.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

What is blogger doin' to me?

Whoa!!! I can't see any of my posts, it only comes up with a white screen and my archives are listed.... that's it. If I click on a month last year everything comes up okay until I try "Current Posts". It's all so strange.

The unemployment of Adam

In a couple of days I would have been back in Australia and looking for work for a month. Before that I was on holidays since just before Christmas. I've loved my time unemployed and have been far busier than any time during my working life. I've had heaps of little projects and for the last couple of weeks been far too busy to really put much emotional effort into finding a new contract.

Yesterday, sitting at this very computer a change came over me. I felt it wash right through me.... I can't really describe it but it was like a disappointment, an unsureity that I never expected to be out of work for this long. My pride took a hit because I've always been able to pick something within a couple of days of looking and the total confidence I've had isn't so total.

My little industry, like so many others, is all about who you know, and the more you get out there the more work you get. Seek and the other job websites don't really work for me because there are people who spend their working days looking for jobs for me..... and those people have come up with nada.

I know there is stuff happening interstate so if I get too worried I can play in Brisbane or Sydney and I'm sure something will happen soon. I'm just a little weirded out because I've never been in this place before.....

Saturday, March 18, 2006

And my new favourite type of person is....

... Make Up Artists.

I've been using various people for my photoshoots. They're all crazy, all lovely, all stupid enthusiastic and way totally energetic.

Next week my favourite type of people will be Commonwealth Games Volunteers.

Friday, March 17, 2006

The monkeys are running all.

Cara's little sister lost her job yesterday.
Their uncle is like 3ic for a large retail parent company and got her a job in one of the smaller associated companies. She moved from the outer suburbs to Brunswick for this job and everything seemed to be going really well. She really liked it, it was 15 minutes away, she was enjoying her new share house, etc. Actually, her new bedroom is way better than ours, the hoe.

When she first got the job there was a mix up and they offered her a full time position when they originally intended to give her the assistant manager position. She sent an e-mail to the owner and everyone apologised for the mistake, it was all bizarre.

Cara has got her to work at her job a few times, most recently, for the month we were in Central America. The feedback from that and all her other previous jobs was that she was so nice, really cheery and totally pleasant to work with. This job just now, questioned her commitment because she had to exchange two of her Sunday shifts for her best friend's hens weekend and wedding where she'll be the head bridesmaid chick. Then they said that 3 of their staff were thinking of leaving because she was belittling them.

The whole thing seems pretty freakin' weird. I really don't believe she was at all belittling in her demeanour, she was trying to learn a new job and make good impressions. If there was some misunderstanding then surely they should try and tell her what she's doing wrong and give her a chance to improve.

They didn't fire her exactly, they basically demoted her and told her she'll have to find another job within the associated companies.

The whole thing makes me feel a bit sick, I didn't know stuff like this actually happened.

P.S) I wasn't able to publish this post for a few days because the monkeys are also running blogger.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Why hello there.

My name is Adam,
How are you?

You might remember me from many, many months ago when I ran this particular blog. I guess that some of you might be feeling slightly abandoned if not a little peeved as well as a potentially feeling like you are on rollercoaster of emotions ranging through distress, hunger, jublilation and falsetto. This is understandable, and I'm sure you'll feel much less blue when I tell you the reason for such harsh abandonment....

I was busy.

What do you mean that's not an excuse?
Everyone is not busy.

Hmmm, well, anyway. I'm still an unemployed bum and loving it. I had to interupt the writing of this post to accept free tickets to the opening ceremony to the Commonwealth games tonight. I spend all my free time being a pretend hack photographer and really freakin' enjoying it.

The latest work I've done, I've chucked on

The central american thing was awesome. You can check out the trip on:
This was a blog thing that I shared with the others. Danielle and Alex are still travelling around Cuba while Cara and I have been back for a couple of weeks.

Anyway, I'm back.
Not only am I back, but this blog is going to be funner. I always restrained myself from being too personal on this blog because I always assumed that I'd have to share it with all family and friends once I travelled. That didn't happen and so I don't need to be so careful anymore.

Thanks for the comments, you kids rock!

Stupid font sizes, duh!!