Thursday, December 09, 2004


Woof. Okay, so I had decided not to use this for complaining about chick things, especially if I was going to be giving this blog to people if/when I airplaned it up and went a' travelin'. But, well, if I can't complain here then it just means I have to sulk for a while or bottle it or tell someone that knows the chick in question. So, here goes.The chick had a very excellent birthday and afterwards we were totally too drunk and asleep for anything birthday lovin'. So, I was thinkin about it yesterday and planned to spoil her in all the ways I know how. It was going to be a good night because instead of doing band/photog/life/rehearse/social stuff until 1am like every other night, we were going to a friends place for dinner and then rockin home. All relaxed, all sweet, all good. While she was getting ready for bed, I candled it up and kissed her gently and sweetly all over. That's when she shut me down. Too tired, too sleepy, not tonight. Damn. Normally this isn't too much of a problem except for these reasons:
- there isn't a free night for a long long time (like a week or something) that we don't have something hardcore planned.
- like most girls, young lady Cara likes her men with confidence and initiative - except all through our relationship there has been a whole lot of rejection every time I've tried. I'm so so so bored with having to wait until she makes the first move.
- the only nights when she'll go to bed early enough to consider any funness are those nights when she is already completely exhausted.
- I swear if feels like she is playing games with me, except thinking rationally about it, I know it's just not something she really thinks about or puts effort into. Dagnammit.

Still, it's something I've got to get past - getting annoyed for frustrated by these things isn't going to help anybody.

That blogger....

Okay, so blogger was down and I wasn't able to make a previous post, here it is for your enjoyment (actually, more for my enjoyment).

2:41 PM 7/12/2004Well, hello there, long time no um, write. I've been a bit distracted at work I have to admit, don't worry, it wasn't actually work. I'm not sure I should admit my little problem, the distraction, but I feel that I have to in order to move forward. I've been spending my free time at work checking out the forums about a computer game. Crap, I feel like such a geek. It's been a terrible guilty thing and I've been right into this computer game. I play it at home, then I look for tips and tricks and strategies at work. Oh, for shame. It's been going on for a while and I think it was mostly because this game would crash my computer all the time. There is nothing more addictive than something that nearly works. I've fixed my computer so it doesn't crash anymore and I can feel myself getting over it and slowly going back to normal. It was bad, I'd play it instead of doing all the cool things I wanted to do. Games are such a waste of time, but I do enjoy it. It'll be good as a distraction every now and then but it really will be nice to get back to being a real person again. And, so, being real means I can write down my thoughts and adventures and stresses and random acts of funness.
So man, wha's been happenin'?I did the weddingness of Jen and Rob. Took some mighty fine photos, did some groovy speechin' and MCing and basically had a grand old time. I still have to put together this wedding album which I actually completely forgot about until I started writing this entry. Some shots came out alright, Cara had borrowed stuff from work which I opened at the wedding in the morning. The shots with the new equipment were completely overexposed which is a shame, but once I started using my own stuff the shots came out really nice. All the money shots are real good like. Thank god. Cara was great, I was exausted, big week, big night and was over it by the end of the ceremony but she kept at it and forced all the people into the pergola for the bridal photos which came out okayish too. There is lots not quite right with the photos but I don't think Jen and Rob are that concerned. I've still got a lot to learn and they are aware of that.

Cara's birthday last Saturday was goodo too! We went shopping on the Friday night for gifts and had a bit of a fight at the start. I was a bit annoyed that she kept me waiting even though we hung up the phone saying we'll leave and me still getting to her work and waiting. Usually it's not a thing but walking down I was thinking that I don't reckon Cara has ever waited for me anywhere. There was one time when she had to but she went shopping and I had to find her in the stores - we were on a tight time frame so it was okayish. So we had our fight and we got over it and it was all good (but not perfect, I guess we were both still slightly miffed). Went shopping for a watch and ended up buying this huge mumma makeup kit and a cool chick watch - it was real easy for both of us. Loved it!

Saturday was a bit of fun too, we eat early, went to the circus, I managed to pull off the suprise cake thing and the bar action was hilariously fun. Totally, totally cool.