Friday, April 20, 2007

A Message from the President from Not Going Nowhere.


Just a short note to inform you that my RSI in hands has flaired up to Way Crap Levels of SuperCrapness and totally hurt all the time. Thusly I will be refraining from typing, type-casting and tipping at all as much as possible until I find a solution or workaround. Please leave a comment below if you or you know someone with any spare tops of hands.

Keep in good health,
Adam Awesome.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dear Diary,
Sorry I've been ignoring you of late, but I have been quite the boring crouton in an otherwise zesty italian chicken breast with salad.I haven't really been ignoring, Dear Diary, it's not like you've been sitting on the couch with me occasionally turning the phrase 'Ahem' during the ads, you've really just been sitting here waiting patiently for my return, which should be soon if not now.

Anywho Dear Diary, I am still amidst my feelings of displacement. We're still looking for an awesome large house close to the city for cheap and I just kind of feel real life won't start until we can declare ourselves Moved and Unpacked.I'm still doing an absolute ripper job of sucking portions of a rich mining company's profits in exchange for not much, but they recently purchased a clue and have made many hand motions signifying they won't be continuing my contract once end date hits. Smart.

Our little doggie Chester died on the weekend. Our little family feels littler than ever before. It does fill me with many saddnesses especially since we're probably not going to have such a cute pet for a long time... our lives just don't really fit with anything that might even slightly require regular human intervention via feeding.

RIP Crazy Robot Dog Chester The Cute.

This Body For Life thing isn't really producing the results that I was after yet. It's been a solid two weeks and I haven't put on or lost any weights at all, not even a skerrick. I've been eating maybe twice as much and gyming every day with many inclusions of a protein. The distances I can job or cross train on are steadily improving which is super cool, but I still have no freakin' abs. Is being massive within two weeks too much to ask?

Thanks Dear Diary, how are you?