Saturday, November 24, 2007

C'Mon Not John Howard, you can do it!! This wait/weight is killing me!!

If JH gets back in, I'm moving to freakin' Switzerland.

I freaked out this morning because the internet at work was down and I still couldn't figure out the best voting strategy to get me what I wanted. I basically want JH out but I always want the Greens to have superawesome powers, after all, is a strong economy really that good if the country ends up being underwater? I would happily go through a whole heap of recessions if I had some confidence we were doing our best not to kill every living thing and I'm very sure that putting effort and monies into better sources of energy would drive employment anyway, changing everything has a habit of creating so many jobs.

So, I want JH out and KR in, but with the Greens ready to beat up dudes and chicks who were playing silly buggers. I'm a bit frightened that the ALP might not get the exact seats they need to take over government, but I freaked and panicked and voted the Greens in both bits of paper. I figured that since it was close, people might not vote for the Greens and they'd be left beind. If the ALP didn't get in I wanted Bob Brown to have many powers instead. I just did on over the line too, and I now think I should have done the 1-68 thing to ensure the Coalition were at the bottom. So, yes, I'm slightly wracked with non-preparedness despite having a kabillion years to look this stuff up.