Thursday, September 10, 2009

Well.... hello there.

I thought I'd give all the homies in the room a couple of words. I am of the understanding that Dudes and Chicks Who Read Blogs think words are pretty freakin' fantastic. So let me indulge the homies.

First word "Updatation".

This word refers to the veritible sledge hammer of personal facts I am about to unleash on your house.

Second word "House".

Oh. Crap.

We are buying a whole freakin' muthafreakin' homestead of a house to call home freakin'.
Our landlord offered to sell us the house we've been in for 2 years. Having missed the housing boom, I pretty much gave up the idea of ever actually owning any property. I was totally cool with that, it seems like an entirely too mature thing to do. Plus, owning stuff means you can't just get up and go. That said, we got a great deal on it, the landlord got a good deal, the crapola real estate agents lose out, and while the next few years might be a little tough financially, it should all be pretty rocking. I'm excited about paying it off and then living for free while the little red rockstar is excited about replacing carpets and putting things in walls. All in all, everyone is happy. I am still pretty freaked, but I'm sure I'll get distracted by something soon enough.
It's a great investment and a good homestead for us, all in all, win.

Next word "Boxing".

What the?
Um, yeah, tonight my friends have convinced me to try out some boxing classes because pretty much they don't want to go along. I always thought boxing was for the braindeadbraunheads, but I will admit The Power of One always stuck with me. I'm excited to give it a try even though I don't believe I'm actually going to give it a try.
I'll let you know how that one goes.
I'm still doing Kung Fu but we accidentally didn't go for 3 months. We went back two days ago and were totally crap. Fitness is currently at zero.
Also, it looks like in 6 weeks I will be attempting a 100km bike ride. Currently 13kms kills me, so I'll be looking to rapidly improve through the motivational tool called Fear.

This time two words "Champions Online".
This is a computer game. I'm usually crap at all computer games, and am crap at this one, but I love it. It gets released in Australia today but I was so excited I ordered it from America.
YOU CREATE YOUR OWN SUPERHERO! Holey crap. Awesome. So awesome.
I have become so enthused that I've actually created this but well, damn.

Um, any other words?
Hmmm, probs "Rockin', "Hi", "Catch ya later Bill 'n' Ted", "etc".