Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Birthday bigness

I do love a good list.


-Picked up young lady from airport, introduced housemates and apartment.
- Ate African food, blew out candles, plus meat, plus napkins on fire. Made a wish.
- Cara and I drunkenly bonded with one housemate. More goss collected in a couple of hours than entire last month.
- Photoshoot. Cara and I. 3 photographers. 5 hours. 400 photos. No cost.
- Best of the Edinbourgh Comedy Festival show. So so so funny.
- Spent hours at the apartment complex's pool that I've never been in before.
- 200% profits in ANZAC Day tradition two up. Came out with $15.
- Saw an awesome Australian movie called Three Dollars.
- Perfected back massage skills. Am now awesome.
- Went clothes shopping for boy, only girls items purchased.
- Watch sky diving and single launch DVDs. Shared. Laughed. Cried*.
- Sent girl home.

* Except not.

Friday, April 22, 2005


I thought I was going to totally rock at this, I don't use much electricity, I use public transport, yadda yadda yah, but if everyone lived like me, we'd need 2.9 planets.


Add one to the man

Yo! Today is my birthday. 27 years, how about that?

Thursday, April 21, 2005


I'm a bit over being the jealous type. In fact I hate it. It is a quality I certainly don't like in other people but I especially dislike it in myself.... as long as I can remember it's always been there.

I'm not a overbearingly jealous person and I'd say that most people wouldn't even notice or have any idea that it's a quality I'd even possess, but it is always there. Somewhere along the line I've been someone's favourite at something and I've turned around and reckoned it's rad.
It colours the things I say, every now and then I will totally launch into and tease someone that's funnier than me, every now and then I find myself asking Cara questions to find if I have a reason to be jealous. Even though I'm probably subtle, she's a chick and clearly picks up on it. Picking up on it colours the things that she might tell me, which means I notice absences or stories that might not match up or people might say things that she probably should have.
Understand, that I'm not even talking about important things, I'm not talking about Cara cheating or even being outrageously flirtatious or anything. The things I get jealous over are so stupid that I when I wake up I feel silly and childish. Even though she's cluely, I'm sure that even she has no idea about all the things I've been jealous over in the past, I'm smart enough to (mostly) think before I speak.

Anyway, how do I fix this? How do I totally learn that I don't have to be everyone's favourite or even that if a girlfriend did cheat on me, or love someone else or whatever, it'll be crap but then it'll be fine. I know I can deal with anything, I just don't know why spikes of jealousy pepper my conversations.

It's a self-respect thing I'm sure, where do I buy one of those?

P.S) Yo! It was salsa dancing I think, hell, I don't even know. How many salsa sauce conventions are there?

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Do you need to know? No, but I like talking.

Whoa! Someone just called and asked if I took photos at a Salsa Convention earlier in the year. Didn't leave his name.

Wha the? Where did that come from? Who? Wha? Why?

Monday, April 18, 2005

Isn't it all about the story?

Totally got into trouble yesterday. It is very rare that I get into trouble with the young lady Cara, mainly because I'm good and also because she forgets almost all things within seconds. Think Dory. Think Finding Nemo.

Anyways, her band had their single launch on Friday night - this is a massively huge event that they have all put a whole lotta work into. Everything was leading up to that point. All our friends and Cara's family were going, the world was poised, ready to rock!!

Since I was missing out, decided to treat myself to something I've wanted to do forever, jumping out of the proverbial "perfectly good plane". So, I told one chick here in Sydney and one young man in Melbourne (whose photo inspired me to do it) and that was it. Nobody. Nada. No peoples. I wanted to make it a good story so I didn't tell Cara until I sent her a photo. I thought it was cool, she hated the fact I hadn't told her.

For me, I thought it would be cooler to present her with an image of the funness. That Adam, he's so spontaneous, fun and crazy. For her, she wanted to be involved in the process of me thinking about it, deciding it, looking forward to it, doing it, and so on.

Girls are different from boys.