Saturday, May 05, 2007

Still pluggin...

Hey kids,

The RSI has gotten worse, freakin'. Tell you what, I'm hardly a violent person (despite being an IT Ninja) but I'm totally set to walk up and kick RSI dead set in the nuts. It's kinda getting to a point where I'm not sure how much longer I can be an IT Ninja for, each day is pretty freakin' full of pain in the top of hands variety. A week starts to look like a very long time....

Anywho, I'm seeing a Chiro about it, since I've already had my funness with Back School, a Naturapath, A GP and a Accupuncturist. Like all the others, the Chiro is confident he can get the pain right down, so we'll see how that goes.

In other news, we moved house to Northcote. It's pretty mad. We've got like double the space that we used to and everything seems to be in walking distance. We had a heaps fun day of moving with lots of Friends of Rad carrying a box or a kabillion or lugging, fridge, etc. We've still got two weeks to clean up the old house, but really, now that we've moved that junk just doesn't seem the funnest. Again, I find myself putting the word out for any cleaning slaves to come a ringin'. Why, oh why, do they never ring?

We went to a funeral yesterday, in Sydney. I've never been to a funeral of a friend of mine before, I've only been to family ones of very, very old people. Our friend had been totally fine, and then had a slight cold, then suddenly was in a coma. I think he was in a coma for 65 days, with some brief forays into conciousness but eventually his body had a stroke and he never recovered. He fought a tough fight, he had contracted some bug that there have been only 13 other cases world-wide, and lived much longer than the doctors expected. He left behind a heap of good friends and a fiance. They had been working in London, so it all feels a bit surreal for us here. Despite the saddness, it was good. His sister did a great speech thing at the church thing and the wake was good. They made a photo montage that was excellent. We've known his fiance for years and while she was clearly gutted, she was okay. I haven't seen her for a while so I was worried that she might be a shadow of her former self, everything was going along swimmingly and then suddenly she's spending all her time at a hospital, but she was okay and was totally herself whenever we spoke about safe topics. It was all interesting for me, I've never had to deal with something like this before. I seem to emotionally detach myself when I see that everyone else is upset and go into lookeraftery mode, I guess everyone handles these things differently.

Anywho, Cara's just woken up, even though we have heaps of room here, we still need to figure out where everything goes. The storage for junk isn't great. Fun, fun.

Have good times kids,