Friday, February 09, 2007

Joining the gang of 5

Some time ago I was tagged by D'Jen... which I promptly forgot about, but then I noticed that almost every single blog dude and chick have had a shot, so who am I to be way too cool to play?

5 things that you don't know about me.

1.) I don't tell people things. I don't know whether I'm shy, or uninterested, but I tend not to tell people stuff about me. I'm pretty sure you, the internet, knows more about me than most of my friends. It took me 2 years to tell the mates I was hanging out with that my parents were divorced, I wasn't embarrassed, it just never occurred to me to tell them. All week I've been in crazy pains of back and skipping out to see doctors and I forgot to mention it to anyone at work.

2.) I didn't know until recently that you put cordial and then add water. I always thought it was cool to watch the colours filter and flow through the clear liquid. Who knew that everyone else on the planet chooses taste mixation over pretty flowingness?

3.) There are no weird things about me. I'm totally struggling to get to five. As far as I can tell I'm awesome in every way. I just don't have any quirks.

4.) I secretly work on plans to end 95% of all human life without getting caught. Nothing personal, I'm just constantly impressed and disgusted by everything we've built and done. It's amazing to think of the difference from cavemen to now and our complete taking overness of our environments. I'll be walking through the city smiling at people thinking "so if everyone was wiped out in a flash, we might need some people to turn factories and stuff off, I don't want there to be too many fires, hmmm, there is a lot of concrete around, what should I do about that? Are there any bugs that eat concrete?" I call this condition nintyfivepercentacide. How much fun is that to say?

5.) I'm currently teaching myself photoshop so that I can take photos of my friends and then trace them and paint them into way cool pictures. For example, I might take a photo of a friend at a BBQ and with that, paint a picture of them in a snowboard race with an avalanche. Currently it's going terribly, but in all honestiness I've only put in 2 hours since starting from scratch.

In other news: Who wants to see this with me?
In other, other, other news; my rant about my workplace is killing my blogation. I like, need to get it out of my system before writing much else, but I'm pretty sure workpeeps have worked out that I read blogs all day and they're all smart and bored enough to try and track mine down. Freakin'! You'll get it but I can't promise it'll be before late March.


At 10:19 PM, Blogger Dot said...

huh, interesting. what flavour cordial do you like to watch swirl best?

At 10:54 PM, Blogger meva said...

You know, I'm with you on the 95%ocide! I've been thinking the same thing. Except how to painlessly destroy most of the human population, all of the builings and roads etc., and release the zoo animals so that they can survive.

We've got to think of the zoo animals, adam!

At 12:43 PM, Blogger Mars said...

yeah.. i reckon people at my work have worked out that i read blogs all day too.. i'm only slightly concerned that they'll try and track me down. besides which, it'd be nigh IMPOSSIBLE with my cunning pseudonym. shyeah right.

At 6:05 PM, Blogger Deb said...

Well, I just hope that ninetyfivepercentacide means that I die quick, painlessly and preferably with me having no idea whats going on...

At 3:35 PM, Blogger Jac said...

You can put your cordial in whichever way you like, Adam. No need to follow the crowd!!

We'll all just snigger at you behind your back. And by behind your back I mean in your face.

At 11:47 AM, Blogger Adam said...

So many dots; Red, Orange, Green & Coola in that order. Yellow is the punciest and has got no game. Yellow cordial is an idiot.

Meva! I totally forgot about the zoo animals! I've been thinking all this time about the animals in the bush and the wild animals in the cities. Okay, zoo animals will totally be included in The Plans!

Hey Mars, what's your real name again?

Deb, don't you want to hang out with us the way groovy survivors? You are right though, it's going to take some massive genius thinkings to find a way to disappear the 95% instantly. It's not going to be easy.

Ahhh Jac, I fear not your sniggering in the same way you do not fear my Balcony of Terror.


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