Saturday, November 01, 2008

Everyone loves a good update

Yo dudes, what up?

We've been going through some interesting times. One of our good friends has been going through a post trumatic stress syndrome thing from a couple of events she's repressed for 20 years. It's been a terrifying, fascinating and frustrating experience for us all. She doesn't have many friends and me working has meant that I've been available to help her much less than I was. The tricky thing is that she's also not such a nice person. She can be lovely and superfun, but she can also be incredibly mean, manipulative and aggressive. Her husband is totally grouse, but she treats him the worst. It's hard to help someone whom you only like some of the time.

I think I've been working for a month, after my four months of unemployed bumness. I am struggling. My workplace is great. The people are friendly (of course, there are notable exceptions), the hours are great, the travel to and from is carefree, but despite all this I've been exhausted, unenthusiastic and to be honest, kind of lazy. I don't really like the workerbee I currently am, but it's hard to work harder, longer, faster, better when you're just not interested. I'm so hoping I get over that pretty quick, I don't really want to let these people down, they so looked at me as the Saviour Of All.

Cara is currently silent.
Totally without voice.
It's weird and it's kinda fun.S
he had a day procedure on her vocal cords to remove a thing. It was a membrane something filled with fluid who had moved onto her vocal cords. The operation was relatively painless (there was some slight discomfort) and she's currently hanging out at home surrounded with Gilmore Girl DVDs and girly magazines. She isn't allowed to talk for 3 days and isn't allowed to sing for 3 weeks. Hopefully after all this, she won't lose her voice everytime she goes out or has a glass of wine or beer. She's also hoping her singing voice gets stronger and more awesome.

I've been doing Tai Chi and Kung Fu the past couple of months. I am so bad at it. When I was doing Ninjutsu, it and me kinda clicked you know, whereas Kung Fu I just can't seem to really get it. Since I've been working, I've had little energy for it which means it's just not sinking it. I probably would have given it away a million times if I didn't have a mate pushing me. He is the husband of aforementioned PTSS chick and he's right into it. His brain is working, so he's loving it.


At 9:19 PM, Blogger Enny said...

I didn't realise you ACTUALLY did kung fu - I jus thought you called yourself a ninja for fun!

I have some friends like your first friend too. It's like my lot in life to collect leftover people...

Hope the job 'clicks' for you soon :o)

At 8:18 PM, Blogger Adam said...

Heh, I did ninjutsu for about two years when I was in high school.

Kung Fu is totally a new thing...


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