Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Agony Adam

I've got a couple of friends who don't have a blog, or used to have a blog or otherwise need a space to rant ahoy. Being quite crap at rants myself, I'm more than happy to play host...

Dear Letting Me Rant Adam,

I work on a reception desk with another girl, we share a desk about a metre and a half long and things have gotten so bad that we can't even talk to each other anymore.
She's such a fn idiot! She keeps people on hold while she types out her personal e-mails, she always sends faxes the wrong way so that the receiving party finds a blank page, she giggles and snorts on the phone to the girls upstairs while account managers and sales reps are waiting in our foyer. She says things like "I have no idea what she's doing." to our boss, she always writes that items cost more and then keeps the change from petty cash. She's super nice to everyone until they ask her to do something that she doesn't want to do, then she's a pain to be around. She's downright repulsive. I know I can be stubborn and cross sometimes, but she makes me out to be a massive witch to everyone. Seriously, she's not in on Wednesdays and so I spring out of bed. Every other day I dread going in. I so want to quit, but then she'll win. God, I hate her so much.

Dear Agony Adam,

I heard you were opening your blog up for people who were unable to rant so I've got a rant here for you.

I have a friend who has a friend who I can't vent about because she reads the blog (thought promised she doesn't anymore - ISP tracker states otherwsise) so nothing can be said there (any more).

This friend is in a toxic relationship and refuses to acknowledge it - as clear as it is to everyone other than her. There are many, Many, MANY examples of this, but here's two quite recent ones.

It was the night before she (girl) was to leave for an international holiday with the other half of her toxic relationship (boy) and girl's housemate arrived home to find girl bawling on the couch. This was particularly unusual as girl has been taking extreme steps to ensure that only the good side of her relationship is made public - everything else happens in the privacy of her bedroom, the privacy of boys parents house or the privacy of girls group of pro-marriage friends that refuse to see anything 'unhealthy' about the relationship as their entire existence is built around marrying their first boyfriends, kitchen teas and living their lives as kept women.

Anyway, girl is on the couch bawling. Girls housemate remembers that after all the other fights they've had about this toxic relationship she vowed to NEVER get involved again. Girls housemate heads upstairs to her room and then sneaks down to the loungeroom almost an hour later to find girl still bawling on couch. The story eventually unfolds: It was boys turn to cook dinner (at his parents house because even though he lives at home and girl lives in her own place, they predominantly hang out in boy's bedroom at his parents house) and she arrived to find that it wasn't ready. She sat in boys bedroom for an hour and he wasn't ready, so she decided to storm home in a flurry of tears. Not much of a story, right? Right! BUT this sort of bizaarre to-and-fro, one-extreme-to-another thing occurs AT LEAST once a week.

So, the fact that we only ever hear about the awesome perfectness that is the union of these two is annoying. Particularly when we hear (through other sources) about this sort of craziness just as often. If she could just be normal, realise that every relationship has issues and that people have faults, and stop allowing herself to be brainwashed by her enabler friends who only encourage her to 'try harder', my life would be so much easier.

But instead? Instead I hear about how they spent the drive to the airport 'practising' how they will spend time together if they feel they need 'a time out'. This is AFTER hearing about how girl spends a few nights a week at boys parents house sleeping over (against boys parents conservative wishes) so that they can 'practice' cohabiting... Girl has her own house, but boy will only stay there one night a week on the night that he chooses as some sort of bizaare power play. But that's another rant for another time.

While just thinking and writing about this is making me angry again, I do feel a little better!

Yours in anger, ~Anon.


At 1:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This has made me all bitter and twisted inside.

It's not so fun reading a rant when you don't know who the ranter is.

- Jac

At 2:34 PM, Blogger killerrabbit said...

I love a good rant. I could add one if you want...some friends are being so slack, we invite them out to dinner and they just don't turn up. Or they are meant to meet up with us for New Years/Birthdays and they send a text cancelling. However if people do the same to them they whinge and complain for about a year.

Very annoying

At 3:52 PM, Anonymous enny said...

I, personally, love reading peoples rants - it makes me feel less guilty about my own =o)

I'm going to start saving them up so I can send them in to you!

At 4:18 PM, Blogger Amanda said...

Like Enny, nothing makes me happier than reading other people's rants. Personally, I'd quite my job (rant one), or at least sabbotage the lunch of the other chick. I realise this will make her more bitter and twisted, but it could be satisfying.

As for rant two... I got nothing. Some people are just stupid and can't see what's going on around them.

At 8:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Woah - rant two sounds familiar.
The only way she is going to get rid of this guy is to go as far away as possible. And get away from those mental friends of hers.

Believe me - I had to go to Australia (from the UK) and it still took most of a year for me to get some substance and tell him what a complete lowlife, arseholed wankhead he was (still is I suspect).

But it has to be her decision - that's the most difficult thing for her friends to cope with. Especially when she is probably aware of what a fraud the whole relationship is...

Sorry - still have issues with those evil bullying types! Give me his address, I'll sort him out...

At 9:01 PM, Blogger Deb said...

Wow!! This is just like post secret!

Only, with less pics and more words.

Can I join in too?

At 3:01 AM, Blogger meghansdiscontent said...

You mean I could have just posted my rants here instead of on my blog???

Adam, tell me these things! Thus allowing me NOT to have to have Rant Week on my blog.

At 2:26 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

I agree with Deb, very Post Secret except longer and more angry.

I feel very sorry for the girl in the second one, I think it's entirely possible she doesn't see how mean the boy is and is probabaly airing only the good side for the sake of maintaing the "everything is just super" facade because it's so much easier than addressing actual problems.

I'm glad she has a friend who can see the actual problem, the girl will wake up to it eventually.

At 11:01 AM, Blogger Adam said...

Everyone who's interested in anonymousing and unleashing their angry words can send their rants to the.adz(at) I can't promise I won't through some of mine into the mix as well.

I've noticed that some people are more concerned with how they are perceived than anything else in the whole world. The girl in the second one, may just want the world to see that she is 'the perfect partner' whatever the cost... and may not let go of this guy until she's an exhausted and emotionally drained. Unfortunately, it's probably stressing her out because there possibly is anyone she's honest with - so probably feels a bit lonely about it all too.


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