Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Jigsaw puzzles - now on

Soooooo, for the long weekend that we spent down at the coast, being the crazy drunken party animals that we are, we attempted two jigsaw puzzles, both going late into the night as five of us remembered that you grab all the edges, and start from there.

The jigsaw puzzles were already at the holiday house thingo we grabbed through AirBnB, and so it was total devastating dismay that at 1am in the morning, after everyone else had gone to bed that my partner and I only got this far:

I had an inclining early on that there wasn't nearly enough pieces since we couldn't get all the edges and therefore didn't know how big it was... so I lost interest... but after everyone else went to bed, we just wanted to get as far as we could.

It was fun and super frustrating all at the same time. 

The next night, a Saturday night no less, after being completely amazing by the little pub we found with the blind Hawaii piano player, and our server who stopped service for a while to play the entire Chicken Dance song on liquor bottles, we started a new puzzle.

Again, fun, then frustration hit us at 2am.  Look at the beaver's face.  LOOK AT IT.

That one felt so much more personal.. someone stole that piece on purpose.

So, with an itch that needed to be scratched, I went in search for a puzzle that couldn't be ruined by jerkkids, and found this... and OMG, suddenly competitive puzzle solving is now in my life:

I present to you, Jigsaw Puzzles Online, found at :

How anyone finished this in 22 seconds is absolutely beyond me, but it's definitely got the competitive fires burning in a dude. Also, best thing ever, check out these bad boys:
You can add your own jigsaw puzzles!!!! So good!

Lucy really gets me y'know:

I've got 3 puzzles, you can access the photo of me here. The photo of young Kacy smashing obstacle courses here... AND a special puzzle just for you gentle blog reader.  Click on me.

So, the message of this little post is, is so good!  Get on it!



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