Saturday, March 19, 2016

American Ninja Warrior - Parkour Update

So I've graduated myself from the Beginner class to the Beginner 2 Parkour class, and am much happier for it. The Monday night Beginner 2 class is for ages 16+ so it's a bit less rambuncuous but also it's way more technical. I've actually discovered I don't know how to jump with my left foot. So far, no matter the exercise I've always found a way to kick off with my right... it's terrible. I actually have an amazing leap with my right, (maybe because it's always done all the work) but I'm now going to have to put some work in to un-program my brain and teach myself how to jump with my left. So weird!

I actually think I've got enough natural talent to join the intermediate class... except, it's really taking my 2 full days to recover from the beginner 2 class. That balance between striving forward vs acclimatizing your body is something I've always struggled with.

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