Thursday, June 02, 2016

American Ninja Warrior - STARTS TONIGHT! WOOOO!

Before I start, Jessie Graff (who is flying through a new obstacle called the Tic Tac) is the best.  I totally starting watching Supergirl because she was doing the stunt work for it.  I'm really hoping she does well this year.

Anywho, American Ninja Warrior Season 8 starts airing on NBC and Esquire tonight. Neither are super handy for those of us just rocking the online guys Hulu, Netflix & YouTube, but we'll manage to make it work for sure.
I am pumped for this season.  I'm really glad last season had two rock climbers win it... not only because they are incredible athletes, but I'm also happy to have less forearm centric obstacles and more jumping type obstacles which is way more my strength.  Watching this teaser clip and this little intro thing has done nothing to quell my own doubts about my abilities though, everything just looks so epic and amazing AND insurmountable. Guess I'll just have to become x10,000 times more mighty, it's really the only answer for it.
I don't want to sound like a ridiculous fanboy, but get up on this show, it's just so great!  I will no doubt be blogging about the various episodes because greatness.


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