Friday, September 23, 2005

Freakin' get out of bed.

There was this one time this morning, when I got out of bed very, very late. Getting out of bed late has the unfortunate consequence of dealing with totally increased traffic all over the shop.

We live in a totally sleepy suburb, but just along the way is the ports, where all the big trucks chuck items onto all the big ships and come close to 9am traffic gets all craziness. Its only for a kilometre and then my trip clears up and it's smooth sailing all the way.
So, coming out from my street I could see that traffic was backed up craziness so I snuck into a spot. After waiting for a while, it seemed like we were only moving a metre or so each light change. I whipped out in the free moving lane and noticed cars were going around a truck. I thought it had broken down, but it wasn't until I and everyone turned in front of him that he was actually waiting for enough room, and going ballistic at everyone. Freakin' chaos.

I was trapped with a few other cars in the intersection and there were trucks everywhere, and beeping and yelling and not moving and all sorts of fun. I was feeling a bit exposed on my motorbike so I snuck onto the footpath to get right out of the way - I've always wanted to do that. Wahoooo!! I imagine all the truck drivers were chearing for me like they do at the end of every schmaltzy American romantic comedy where the dude has to get across town to stop the chick leaving forever.

It was pretty fun riding on this path, it hasn't been used by anyone for decades because it's all factories and paddocks. I did feel a bit guilty, I was passing a crazy amount of cars (all cheering for me I'm sure) and I totally got past the craziness. Go me! I was about to set off into the smooth sailing sector when I was busted by the police. I received two fines, one for riding on the footpath and one for not updating my rego sticker for 3 years.

I was standing there waiting for the dude to write out the ticket and trying to figure out how many hundreds of dollars it was going to be and how many points I might have left. Everyone totally gawks, I'm sure that's the worse part of the whole thing. Anyway, the tickets were nothing like I was expecting, like $52 and $70 and no demerit points, and the cars and trucks I was hangin' with earlier still hadn't passed yet. Whoa!

So, I totally learned my lesson, freakin get out of bed you lazy bum!
What I did realise though, during the remainder of my motorbiking was how many little laws I break every trip. Getting a speeding ticket on a bike is almost unheard of, you technically aren't supposed to share lanes with other vehicles so riding between cars to the front of the lights is actually against the law. It seems there are laws, then there are laws that just aren't enforced for bikes, it's weird.

I do realise that lots of people have a lot of concern for motorbike riders and I am actually a very defensive rider, I simply can't afford to have an accident. I see a lot of weekend bike dudes doing silly, silly things and you know, that they have to have an accident before they understand... it's a shame.


At 12:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

your day sounds like mine! except i slept in two hours late and i was stuck in traffic for 2.5 hours, behind about 742 car accidents--seriously, i don't know what was up with people today. i was *very* late for a meeting boss. at least it all worked out okay, though, in the end!

At 2:05 PM, Blogger Mermaid Girl said...

Wow, it's Friday-itis...I slept in as well, got myself and Baby Mermaid ready in such a hurry that it wasn't until I was reversing the car out of my driveway that I discovered I still had my purple fluffy slippers on (!) hope for Baby M that she will EVER be normal!

At 2:36 PM, Blogger fluffy said...

I think the scooters and bikes will be more prevalent on the road as petrol gets dearer.

I can see right down mermaid girl's top from here.

At 3:11 PM, Blogger muffin said...

Seems everyone is experincing bad traffic lately. I had to endure full on Sydney peak on Thursday night. Not a pleasent experience. I "totally" sympathise. Ha.

At 4:18 PM, Blogger BEVIS said...

I'm glad your fines weren't massive, and that no demerit points were awarded. I often get angry with motorcyclists who travel between cars at the lights (because I've known for years that that's illegal); mainly because I could open my door at any time and we'd both be in a world of pain.

I know the 'answer' to that is that I should check my mirror before opening my door, but my answer to that is that no one should be travelling down that tiny little space between my car stopped at the lights and the car in the lane next to me, who's also stopped at the lights.

If not me, I don't want to witness the idiot in the Suburu in front of me (who's been frustrating me for the last ten minutes because they're driving 15km under the speed limit and won't let me pass) opening his door and causing the same problem.

Anyway, I've vented now. The above isn't a rant against you; I found your post most amusing. Despite the above complaint, if I'd seen you motoring along in this instance, I feel sure I would have been cheering for you.

Also, I finally answered your freakin' question on my blog.

Sorry about the freakin' delay.


At 7:53 PM, Blogger Mermaid Girl said...


Is it a nice view? Sometimes I worry, you know, that it's getting boring...

Mermaid Girl

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