Friday, July 22, 2016 Such a good option!
One thing that drives me nuts is people exclaiming how buying a new printer and getting the printer ink that is already inside is cheaper than buying printer ink directly.  How can that be a thing?  How can buying a whole big amazing technological wonder that magically prints anything to paper be cheaper than buying the tiny amounts of liquid it uses?

I, of course, realise that people aren't just buying new printers every time they want to print something, but it is absolute craziness.

INK68.COM at least takes the sting out of it.  It sells printer ink online for cheaper than going to your OfficeWorks or OfficeMax or wherever. It has a megaton warehouse of laser printer toner and ink printer cartridges so it always has everything in stock... I can't tell you how many times I've gone down to OfficeWorks only to read every single label of printer cartridge to find my exact printer, only to find that no one caters for it anymore...

Anywho, I found this infographic because I'm still stunned with how expensive printer ink is, it's definitely interesting... but try INK68.COM to get everything cheaper... and if you're organised, it means you don't have to rock up at an office supplies store in your PJs 5 minutes before closing because your assignment is due tomorrow.

Source : ClickLinks
Click on the image for good image reading bigness.

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