Friday, April 11, 2008

Dreamteam - a week in regret.

I promise I will post about other things, just as soon as I stop spending 60+ hours a week at work.

After so many decisions to be made last week, Josh Hill and Nathan Bock scored very well and rocketed up in dollars and points averaged.

Okay, okay, that's cool. I researched them and both will raise significantly monetarily so it's not too late to grab them, they haven't peaked yet. My new plan was to forget about Bock and trade Tippett (Adelaide) for Hill (WBD). That way I can still cash in on Hill and improve on a 30 points scoring player to a 100 points scoring player.

With this plan, I settled into the week, calm in the knowledge that I still had more trades than anyone else I knew. I was in a very good spot for the very first round of our Broadyboys competition. I am playing Bev, who scored about 100 points lower than me in Round 3. Not significant, but enough to make me feel pretty good, especially since I had chosen badly captain-wise. We made a bet for 6 Crown lagers on the outcome of the match, and while I'm not a massive drinker, winning is something I don't mind so much.

The team lists came out. I still had no emergencies in my backline, that's okay, my backline performed fine without them. Then disaster struck, I couldn't at all afford Hill. I could my spare money confused with my Supercoach, Josh Hill had skyrocketed out of my grasp. At the same time, word on the street was that my most expensive Backman Joel Bowden wasn't going to play. A player down, time to take action.... Goooooo trades.

What to do? I couldn't afford Hill, I could swap one of my emergencies with Harry Taylor (Geelong) who is another rookie set to play this week and make a fair bit of money, but I wasn't convinced.

Instead, I did something that I'm already regretting, something I've never done before. I traded one of my guns (expensive high scoring players) for a rookie. I traded Steve Johnson for Josh Hill, allowing me to trade Jake Edwards (Carlton) for Michael Osbourne (Hawthorn). I basically went against my strategy, all guns and rookies now has a mid-priced player. Both Josh Hill and Michael Osbourne just have to play to make money, and both are listed to play. Steve Johnson was bugging me, he was scoring so badly that he had gone down $40,000 in value, and he had to get 174 in Round 4 just to maintain his current price. Not going to happen.

What probably is going to happen is that he might take a couple of weeks and start getting good, real good. He was awesome in my team last year. Oh well, I can always buy him back and make a profit. I'm not happy that my team is now very similar to almost everyone else's, but I've now got emergencies covering every position, making it unlikely I'll score a zero.

I've chosen Money and Points over Trades. This time.

Round 4 Captain: Chad Cornes
Round 3 Score: 1,919
Overall Ranking: 3,957 of 162,898


At 5:04 PM, Blogger Adam said...

Further regrets, Steve Johnson scored 84 whereas Josh Hill scored 55. Bah!

The good news is that Joel Bowden is out and I put effort in to cover for him. I would have got a zero if I hadn't. Josh will still make a whole lot of money for me whole Steve Johnson will drop fairly significantly. Just wish I got the points to totally justify my use of trades.

At 1:07 AM, Blogger Mars said...

what is this? football talk?

oh adam...

At 10:28 PM, Blogger Adam said...

Dude, it's not football, I don't even know anything about football. It's about punching dudes where they hurt most...

At 5:48 AM, Blogger Mars said...

is it really? i only skimmed the post... saw something about chad cornes and tuned out.

At 12:08 PM, Blogger Adam said...

Chad Cornes?

Oh. I see.
I misspelt 'Southland'.

At 9:37 PM, Blogger Mars said...


come back to us, adam.


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